German Chancellery is caught up

In 2014 we continued our tradition of asking our audience which of the awards they regarded as particularly “impressive, surprising, shocking, or outrageous”.

At the top of the field was the “Politics” award (the Federal Chancellery with its entanglement in the NSA affair), closely followed by the “Business” category (CSC, which is involved in many government projects in Germany and close to intelligence agencies in the US). Also close to the leaders was the “Consumer Protection” award (LG with their surveillance of domestic media consumption).

Here are some of the comments that our guests made to explain their choice:


“This affects all area: private, public, transport, technology – freedom of travel.”


“In this category, it will be especially hard for people affected to take action, because they depend on their jobs.”

“I find it impossible to accept that people are exploited at their workplace.”


“This amalgamation of civil and military projects, the intransparent connection between CSC Germany and CSC USA make these business relationships highly dangerous.”

“It’s intolerable if violating human rights is turned into a business model and the German government even supports this.”

“What I found shocking, among other things, is the involvement in developing the new German identity card.”

“The extent of linkages is unfathomable and frightens me.”

Consumer Protection

“Because if affects everybody!”

“Close to the highest possible level of surveillance.”


“The German government’s attitude towards the NSA affair must be given stronger focus. The Federal Republic of Germany is not a US colony.”

“To raise the pressure to disclose all schemings and entanglements of the secret service, including the German ones.”

“If politics – the chancellor – were to secure the requirements of the German constitution, § 10 secrecy of tele- / postal communication, then many data leeches’ games would be stopped.”

“The German government is irresponsibly abandoning their duty of protecting the citizens’ freedoms, and it is actively undermining them.”


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