Dekorierte Bühne der BigBrotherAwards 2014. Im Hintergrund ist die Sparrenburg projeziert.
Hechelei Bielefeld

BigBrotherAwards 2014

For Julia and Winston

These BigBrotherAwards are marked by the global surveillance disclosures by Edward Snowden. For his courage, we create a positive award for the first time ever – the “Julia and Winston award” (see “1984”). It is presented by Heribert Prantl, a leading journalist on domestic politics and honorary law professor, and endowed with one million Snowden stickers calling for him to be given asylum rights. These are distribute throughout Germany in the following six months. We’re not abandoning the negative awards, of course: winners include the Federal Chancellery, IT services provider CSC, energy utility corporation RWE, and coach transport company MeinFernbus.

The (unfortunate) Awardees

Positive Award (2014)

Edward Snowden

For the first time, we introduce a positive award this year. The “Julia and Winston Award” was named after the “rebellious” main characters in George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”, from which the “Big Brother”concept is also…
Business (2014)


The BigBrotherAward 2014 in the “Business” Category goes to CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation). The company is currently working on commissions by 10 Federal German Ministries on security-related projects, such as the electronic…
Workplace (2014)


The BigBrotherAward 2014 in the Workplace category goes to RWE Vertrieb AG (RWE is Germany’s second-largest energy utility company, and RWE Vertrieb is its sales subsidiary). The company makes subcontractors use a surveillance…
Consumer Protection (2014)


The South Korean electronics manufacturer LG receives the BigBrotherAward in the Consumer Protection category because the “smart” TV sets they sell transmitted detailed information about what people were watching to the firm’s HQ…


Portraitaufnahme von Rolf Gössner.

Dr. Rolf Gössner

Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte (ILFM)
Portraitaufnahme von Heribert Prantl.

Heribert Prantl

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde

Frankfurt University of Applied Science
Frank Rosengart am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Frank Rosengart

Chaos Computer Club (CCC)
Rena Tangens am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Rena Tangens

Sönke Hilbrans am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2012.

Sönke Hilbrans

Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz (DVD)
padeluun am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.


Kai Biermann am Redner.innenpult während der BigBrotherAwards 2015.

Kai Biermann
Bernd Sieker am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2011.

Martin Haase

Updates to the Awards 2014

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About BigBrotherAwards

In a compelling, entertaining and accessible format, we present these negative awards to companies, organisations, and politicians. The BigBrotherAwards highlight privacy and data protection offenders in business and politics, or as the French paper Le Monde once put it, they are the “Oscars for data leeches”.

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