Veranstaltungsinfo zu den BigBrotherAwards 2023. Das Logo ist mittig platziert. Der Hintergrund blau mit einer Silhouette feiernder Menschen und einer Drohne. Als Text: Datum und Uhrzeit (28.4. um 18 Uhr) sowie Veranstaltungsort (Hechelei Bielefeld).

Soon it will be that time again when we present our unwelcome awards.

Probably a good idea would be to get your tickets right now.

Doors will open on 28 April 2023 at 17:30 (local time).

Can’t make it to Bielefeld? Consider organising a “public screening” where you are and watch the gala online, together with any interested friends! Let us know via e-mail.


Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde

Frankfurt University of Applied Science
Rena Tangens am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Rena Tangens

Frank Rosengart am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Frank Rosengart

Chaos Computer Club (CCC)
padeluun am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.


Dr. Thilo Weichert am Redner.innepult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Dr. Thilo Weichert

DVD, Netzwerk Datenschutzexpertise

About BigBrotherAwards

In a compelling, entertaining and accessible format, we present these negative awards to companies, organisations, and politicians. The BigBrotherAwards highlight privacy and data protection offenders in business and politics, or as the French paper Le Monde once put it, they are the “Oscars for data leeches”.

Organised by (among others):

BigBrother Awards International (Logo)

BigBrotherAwards International

The BigBrotherAwards are an international project: Questionable practices have been decorated with these awards in 19 countries so far.