BigBrotherAwards 2016

The winners of the 2016 BigBrotherAwards will be published on this page.

The gala will take place on Friday, 22 April 2016 at 18:00 local time (16:00 CET) in Bielefeld.

Tickets can be bought at our online shop, they can then be picked up at the entrance.
Subject to availability, tickets will also be sold at the entrance.

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We will stream the gala live on this website. BigBrotherAwards Livestream

The Jury 2016

Rena Tangens & padeluun Digitalcourage e.V., Sönke Hilbrans Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz e.V., Frank Rosengart Chaos Computer Club e.V., Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde, Dr. Rolf Gössner Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte e.V.

Guest laudator: Former Federal Minister for Justice, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger


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Awardees 2016

Lifetime: the interior secret service, “Protection of the Constitution”

The interior secret service known as “Protection of the Constitution” receives a Lifetime BigBrotherAward just as it reaches the official retirement age, for 65 years of violating civil and privacy rights. The “Protection of the Constitution” is recognised in particular for monitoring and stigmatising groups and individuals that are critical of the state and society, for its uncontrollable system of informers, for hopeless entanglement with murderous neo-Nazi circles and for covering up illegal practices. Despite its history of scandals, the “Protection of the Constitution” offices are not being reigned in, but instead upgraded and equipped with further intelligence capabilities.

Consumer Protection: Generali insurance

The Generali insurance company is awarded the BigBrotherAward 2016 in the category Consumer Protection because it promises advantages to the insured if they use an app to transfer their fitness data and shopping behaviour to the insurance company, which in turn tranfers the data to a credit-point system in South Africa. This will lead to loss of solidarity and runs counter to the basic principle of our social system.


US company and campaign platform receives the BigBrotherAward 2016 in the Economy category for its business model of marketing personally identifiable information of signatories together with their political statements. appears to be an progressive and social project, but it really is a for-profit US corporation which shows many deficiencies with respect to data protection law. For example, it continues to store user data in the USA although the Court of Justice of the European Union has declared the “Safe Harbor” Framework invalid.

Workplace: IBM Germany

IBM Germany receives the BigBrotherAward 2016 in the “Workplace” Category for the software “Social Dashboard”, which allows companies to control and evaluate their employees' social behaviour. “Social Dashboard” uses metadata from the in-house social network system “Connections” and creates a score and a “social ranking” for likes and shares. It is an attempt at leaving the evaluation of social interactions to a machine. It will create wrong incentives and more pressure at work.


Again this year we received more nominations than the number of awards we can give. Some of these nominees deserve to be reprimanded at least.

Audience Award 2016

At the end of the BigBrotherAwards gala 2016, we gave our audience their say as usual. Our guests could et us know in a vote which of the awards they found especially “impressive, surprising, shocking, or outrageous”. The result was strikingly clear.

About BigBrotherAwards

The BigBrotherAwards highlight privacy and data protection offenders in business and politics, they have consequently been called “Oscars for data leeches” by the French paper Le Monde.

The German awards are organised and held by  Digitalcourage. Among the co-organisers are the German Association for Data Protection (Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz, DVD), International League for Human Rights and the Chaos Computer Club.