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Time for Change

This BBA gala shines with illustrious guests. Former Federal Minister for Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger delivers a guest speech. Representatives of petition platform accept their award in person – in contrast to IBM, Berlin’s public transport company BVG, the interior secret service (called “Protection of the Constitution”) and the Generali insurance. In the much-liked Newspeak category, an award is given to the German word “Datenreichtum” (literally: data opulence / data maximisation).

The (unfortunate) Awardees

Lifetime Achievement (2016)

The Interior Secret Service, “Protection of the Constitution”

The interior secret service known as “Protection of the Constitution” receives a Lifetime BigBrotherAward just as it reaches the official retirement age, for 65 years of violating civil and privacy rights. The “Protection of the…
Workplace (2016)

IBM Germany

IBM Germany receives the BigBrotherAward 2016 in the “Workplace” Category for the software “Social Dashboard”, which allows companies to control and evaluate their employees' social behaviour. “Social Dashboard” uses metadata from…
Reprimands & Commendation (2016)


Again this year we received more nominations than the number of awards we can give. Some of these nominees deserve to be reprimanded at least: Prostitutes Protection Act (Prostituiertenschutzgesetz), Google Impact Challenge and…

Audience Award (2016)

Absolute Majority

At the end of the BigBrotherAwards gala 2016, we gave our audience their say as usual. Our guests could et us know in a vote which of the awards they found especially “impressive, surprising, shocking, or outrageous”. The result…


padeluun am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.


Sönke Hilbrans am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2012.

Sönke Hilbrans

Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz (DVD)
Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Prof. Dr. Peter Wedde

Frankfurt University of Applied Science
Rena Tangens am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Rena Tangens

Frank Rosengart am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2021.

Frank Rosengart

Chaos Computer Club (CCC)
Portraitaufnahme von Rolf Gössner.

Dr. Rolf Gössner

Internationale Liga für Menschenrechte (ILFM)
Bernd Sieker am Redner.innenpult der BigBrotherAwards 2011.

Martin Haase
Kai Biermann am Redner.innenpult während der BigBrotherAwards 2015.

Kai Biermann

Updates to the Awards 2016

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to translate our updates into English.


About BigBrotherAwards

In a compelling, entertaining and accessible format, we present these negative awards to companies, organisations, and politicians. The BigBrotherAwards highlight privacy and data protection offenders in business and politics, or as the French paper Le Monde once put it, they are the “Oscars for data leeches”.

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The BigBrotherAwards are an international project: Questionable practices have been decorated with these awards in 19 countries so far.