Audience Award (2016)

Absolute Majority

At the end of the BigBrotherAwards gala 2016, we gave our audience their say as usual. Our guests could et us know in a vote which of the awards they found especially “impressive, surprising, shocking, or outrageous”. The result was strikingly clear.

The result of the audience vote 2016 was strikingly clear, compared to earlier years. Since we had a slightly lower number of “candidates”, it was more likely that the result would feature higher percentages. Still it is remarkable that for the first time we have a single, clear “front-runner” with an absolute majority: the lifetime award for the interior secret service that calls itself “Protection of the Constitution”. All other votes were fairly evenly distributed between the other categories.

Here is a selection of the comments that we asked our audience to give us on their ballot papers:


First they commission a standard implementation for the cards, then they say “we didn’t commission it” …


How dare they to first exploit us and then even spy on us!

I have read “The Circle” (or rather listened to the audio book) and I completely agree with the laudator.

Economy have shown courage. Although open questions remain and the criticism of might be wholly justified, Mr Hackmack has stood up for himself and invited a debate. That takes guts, and it’s an invitation to a constructive dialogue. My respect for that!

Severe contradictions between the official line and the actual practices in data protection.

He has shown by his attitude that he has not understood anything (except that it was a rather negative award).

For the threat that such a campaigning platform ( might receive a position of enormous power in political opinion-forming, and exploit this in unpredictable and arbitrary (e.g. undemocratic or socially unacceptable) ways.

The bigotry between external presentation and true intention – of course this item also had the highest entertainment factor, with the German executive director.

Consumer Protection

The erosion of solidarity in society is the biggest threat to democracy – it has begun stealthily and is manifested through gamification.

The one closest to people’s lives.

I believe that what Generali does, many others are doing as well. The capturing of data in all aspects of life is spreading. We must be aware of it everywhere.


Important to society as a whole.

It was time.

Who will protect us from the “Protection of the Constitution”?

Very good laudation.

A truly democratic state that respects fundamental and human rights can not afford to run such an operation.

Dissolve the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution immediately. Give a BigBrotherAward to every individual informer.

Ten (known) murders are enough!

Finally! So many reasons, for decades!


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