Audience Award (2015)

A Tight Race

We asked our audience again in 2015 which of our “winners” they found especially “impressive, surprising, shocking, or outrageous”.
Das Publikum während der BBAs 2015.

Votes were fairly evenly distributed this year, but slightly ahead of the “field” came the “Politics“ award, which had been given to Federal Interior Minister de Maizière and his predecessor Hans-Peter Friedrich; the laudation had been presented by our jury guest from Vienna, Max Schrems.

Here is a selection of comments that our guests had left on their ballot sheets:

“The reasons for the awards are so balanced this year that I simply cannot decide! Therefore, no selection.“


“To spy on children, together with the breach of trust by the parents through shared reports, is disgusting. This is spying on human beings that simply cannot fathom the consequences.“

“The way in which children are accustomed to total surveillance is a glimpse into a shocking future.“

Authorities and Administration

„[because] this tip of the iceberg reaches all the way into space!“

„To monitor taxpayers with tax funds and then call it ‘intelligence service‘ is like starting a fire and then talking about a warm atmosphere.“

“Actually I think that the Federal Intelligence Agency, the Ministry of Health and the Interior Ministry belong together – because together they show that there is an all-out attack on democracy, and that the whole government is lying to us daily and brazenly.”


“The way in which solidarity between employees and in wider society is sneakily being undermined is telling, and it is anti-democratic.”

[about Amazon Mechanical Turk] „incredible … I hadn’t realised that free speech, which is actually the good aspect of the Internet, is completely being circumvented and manipulated.“

“I oppose slavery.”

Consumer Protection

“I am hoping for consequences.”

“Health insurance budgets should not be spent on the e-card but on patients and jobs in the health sector: doctors, nurses, care workers!”

“Incredible violation on privacy”

“The public did not receive the electronic health card voluntarily, and with insufficient information. Dissenters practically lose their insurance protection if they refuse the card, with direct consequences on their health.”


“Lies from the Interior Ministry”

“The national hybris was unmasked beautifully! Very deserved award!”

“For the combination of dishonesty, incompetence and lack of respect for those whose interests should be represented.”

“I feel fucked.”

“This fits ‘Big Brother’ best.”

“It would actually be these guys’ task to stop all the other awardees.”

“It’s so hard to choose … Basically all the candidates would have deserved my vote. First I thought of giving my vote to ‘Barbie’ (Technology), because I find it disgraceful how corporations secure their digital might through children – who are least able to defend themselves. But when I consider that politicians become willing helpers of the data industry, whose goings-on are given a cloak of legality and correctness – then my vote can only go to Politics!”


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