Audience Award (2017)

Digital Armament considered Scandalous

In 2017 we continued the cherished tradition of asking our audience at the end of the gala which award they found particularly “impressive, astonishing, shocking, revolting, …”. As last year we had a clear winner, although this time with a less than absolute majority (which it had received in 2016).
Das Publikum während der BBAs 2017.

From the six awards available to vote for, our audience formed a mid field of four, but ahead of that there was a clear front-runner: with about a third of the votes, “Authorities & Administration” award came first, so the award for the German military and the Federal Minister of Defence, Ursula von der Leyen for her massive digital armament with the threats of an escalation without control or legal basis.

Here are some of the comments the audience left on the ballot shields.


I am in favour of trust and respect. To be exploited takes away motivation. I am glad to be with a company that values respectful relations.

Something has to be done against employers’ control mania. We can already see a division forming in the workplace – into a service precariat and its managers

This is where the effects of data collection became visible most clearly and impressively. Impossible to ignore – even for people that otherwise would not think about it a lot.


It is incredible that German business have let themselves be corrupted so thoroughly!

This again confirms the power of lobbyists and the powerlessness of citizens towards their elected representatives.


Freedom of opinion is one of the most important basic rights.

The example of DİTİB shows particularly strongly how much personal data can be misused.

Very courageous! This is about human lives! Against snitchign and dictators! Keep going strong!


Education is vital for society. It is not a commodity and must be available to everyone equally and freely. The education system must be free and not be monetised.

Authorities & Administration

Democracy is being undermined and peace carelessly threatened.

The aggressive potential of the “Commando Cyberspace and Information Space” and the lack of democratic control makes the German military particularly award-worthy.

A physical threat to humanity.

Because it increases the threat of war for us all on this planet.

Legal cyber war, a third world war. Citizens are incapacitated.

Human rights and data protection belong together (in all award categories). The speech explained this very well.

Because could get deadly serious in a very short time.

Consumer Protection

padeluun spoke very convincingly, the topic was super interesting.

(without vote)

I don’t want to rank, it is all reprehensible. Behind it all are people that implement this and thus expose other people.


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