Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection (2023)

Deutsche Post DHL Group

Deutsche Post DHL Group receives the BigBrotherAward 2023 in the Consumer Protection category for their practices of digital coercion. Through changes in the operation of DHL’s parcel locker stations, they want to force customers…
Consumer Protection (2022)


The BigBrotherAward in the consumer protection category goes to the Swedish company Klarna Bank AB. Klarna intransparently bundles data and power as a shopping service, payment service provider, price comparison portal, personal…
Consumer Protection (2019)

ZEIT Online

The ZEIT newspaper’s online presence receives the BigBrotherAward 2019 in the “Consumer Protection” Category. Firstly, for using advertising trackers and the Facebook Pixel. Second, for the use of Google services in the “Germany…
Consumer Protection (2018)

Amazon Alexa

Amazon receives the BigBrotherAward 2018 in the “Consumer Protection” category for its nosy, impertinent, all-too clever and gossipy bugging operation in a can by the name of Alexa. It is well known that Alexa’s speech recordings…
Consumer Protection (2017)

Prudsys AG

The company Prudsys receive the BigBrotherAward 2017 in the “Consumer Protection” category because they offer software that facilitates price discrimination. This software sets a price according to what it can find out about the…
Consumer Protection (2014)


The South Korean electronics manufacturer LG receives the BigBrotherAward in the Consumer Protection category because the “smart” TV sets they sell transmitted detailed information about what people were watching to the firm’s HQ…
Consumer Protection (2012)

Blizzard Entertainment

The BigBrotherAward 2012 in the “Consumer Protection” category goes to Blizzard Entertainment, for various violations of privacy in their online games, such as World of Warcraft. Using recorded data such as time spent playing…
Consumer Protection (2011)

Coupons for books

The BigBrotherAward 2011 in the category “Consumer Protection” goes to the Verlag für Wissen und Innovation (“Publishing House for Knowledge and Innovation”, proprietor: Mr Horst Müller, Starnberg), for skimming pupils’ and…

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