Lifetime Achievement: Irish Data Protection Commission

The BigBrotherAward 2022 in the category “Lifetime Achievement” goes to the Irish Data Protection Commission, represented by Helen Dixon, for its continued sabotage of efforts to enforce European data protection law. Under the authority’s care, Ireland has become a haven for surveillance capitalism business models by Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce.

Lifetime: the interior secret service, “Protection of the Constitution”

The interior secret service known as “Protection of the Constitution” receives a Lifetime BigBrotherAward just as it reaches the official retirement age, for 65 years of violating civil and privacy rights. The “Protection of the Constitution” is recognised in particular for monitoring and stigmatising groups and individuals that are critical of the state and society, for its uncontrollable system of informers, for hopeless entanglement with murderous neo-Nazi circles and for covering up illegal practices. Despite its history of scandals, the “Protection of the Constitution” offices are not being reigned in, but instead upgraded and equipped with further intelligence capabilities.

Lebenswerk: Wolfgang Schäuble

Bundesinnenminister Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble erhält den BigBrotherAward 2009 in der Kategorie „Lifetime“ für den Umbau des BKA in ein zentrales deutsches FBI mit geheimpolizeilichen Befugnissen zur präventiven Vorfeldausforschung, für die Legalisierung der heimlichen Online-Durchsuchung von Computern, für die Errichtung einer gemeinsamen Antiterrordatei sowie einer neuen Abhörzentrale für alle Sicherheitsbehörden. Besonders „preiswürdig“ sind Schäubles obsessive Bestrebungen, den demokratischen Rechtsstaat in einen präventiv-autoritären Sicherheitsstaat umzubauen. Dies führte zu einer gefährlichen Entgrenzung von Polizei, Geheimdiensten und Militär und damit zu einer Gefährdung von Bürgerrechten, Datenschutz und Demokratie.

Lifetime Achievement: Otto Schily

Mr Otto Schily, former Federal Minister of the Interior of Germany earns a BigBrotherAward for the current undemocratic introduction of the biometric passport, the technology of which is still immature and unsafe and which causes the whole population to be subjected to a police identification procedure normally applied to criminals.
Mr Schily will receive the BigBrotherAward also for his Lifetime Achievement, namely for the extension of the German and European surveillance system, to the severe cost of civic and freedom rights, and for his persistent efforts at eroding data protection under the guises of public security and fight against terror.


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